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A & N Technical Services
Integrated Resource Planning Simulator (IRPSIM)
This software tool can be used to simulate utility operations and resource management under a number of different hydrological and operational parameters. This will allow water resource managers to understand how changes in hydrology resulting from climate change may affect water resource management and operations.
Alliance for Water Efficiency
Water Conservation Tracking Tool
This excel-based tool allows water utilities to model water savings, costs, and benefits associated with demand conservation programs. This will allow resource managers to understand how demand management activities will impact their utility and implement appropriate adaptation operations.
California Department of Water Resources
CALSIM Water Resources Simulation Model
CALSIM is a simulation model for water resource operations in river basins. CALSIM incorporates flexible operational programming and a linear programming solver to create a comprehensive model for water resource simulation. This will allow users to model water allocation decisions.
ESRI - ArcGIS Resource Center
Hydro Data Model
This model focuses on surface water dynamics. ESRI provides case studies to inform modeling efforts and provide best practices, along with a number of hydrological tools to further improve the Hydro Data Model. This will allow users to model potential changes in hydrological flow resulting from climate change.
Global Water Partnership Toolbox
Management Instruments
This toolbox contains a number of instruments, case studies, and lessons learned, to help facilitate the development of Integrated Water Resource Management plans. These tools will help water utilities decide between alternative management options.
POLIS Project on Ecological Governance
Watersmart Scenario Builder
This tool, a spreadsheet based calculator, allows users to calculate changes in energy and water use efficiency through implementing different scenarios and use patterns. This tool can help water utility managers reduce their carbon footprint.
Rand Corporation
Robust Decision Making (RDM) Method
This presentation provides information on the RDM framework, a decision making tool for water utilities. The presentation discusses methodology, decision making challenges, and examples. This tool can help water utility managers adjust their long-term planning to account for climate change.
U.S. Department of Energy
This tool helps users forecast current and future water demand. Users can also estimate water conservation savings and derive benefit-cost information to compare different supply and demand management options. This tool can help water utilities with resource management.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Climate Resilience Evaluation & Awareness Tool (CREAT)
EPA has developed CREAT, a software tool to assist drinking water and wastewater utility owners and operators in understanding potential climate change threats and in assessing the related risks at their individual utilities. CREAT provides users with access to the most recent national assessment of climate change impacts for use in considering how these changes will impact utility operations and missions.
University of California - Berkeley
Water Energy Sustainability Tool (WEST)
This tool, intended for water utility managers, allows the user to quantify the environmental impacts of water system infrastructure and operation. The tool uses a life-cycle cost assessment approach to determine energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, infrastructure construction, and material selections.
University of California - Davis
California Value Integration Network (CALVIN)
CALVIN is an economic optimization model that combines a number of hydrological parameters and water utility operating costs with an optimization model to identify ideal integrated water resource management strategies for water utilities.
Water Research Foundation
Benefit Cost Analysis Tool #4127
The Benefit Cost Analysis Tool contains a spreadsheet for conducting benefit cost analysis. It includes a CD-ROM with explanatory text, flow charts, a benefit cost spreadsheet, and two examples. This tool can help utility managers make future infrastructure and other investment decisions.
Water Research Foundation
Tools for Risk Management of Water Utility Assets - GWRC #4126
This report presents a framework and electronic tool for risk assessment and management. The electronic tool allows utilities to assess and manage risk, explore the costs of activities to manage these risk, and build decision making models.
Water Quality Models: A Survey and Assessment
This software program is designed to assist water quality managers in choosing the appropriate tool for their needs. It categorizes and reviews 150 models, including runoff models, receiving water models, and groundwater models.
AWhere Spatial Information Systems
This computer model simulates climate change vulnerabilities in specific regions. It relies on a GIS platform for conducting analysis and can assist water utility managers in conducting vulnerability assessments, risk mapping, and climate change adaptation.



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